2017’s Most Read Acorn Regulatory Whitepapers

In the past twelve months our Acorn Regulatory whitepapers have been downloaded thousands of times by regulatory experts and C-Suite executives around the world.    So, as the year ends, we have compiled a list of some of the most downloaded and most popular Acorn Regulatory whitepapers of 2017.

1. The Road Ahead


Acorn Regulatory has led the way in writing on the regulatory impact of Brexit upon the life sciences sector.  This January 2017 Acorn Regulatory whitepaper looked at the future of the European Medicines Agency.  It is interesting now to look back at the predictions that we made at the start of the year and the end result of the agency moving to Amsterdam.  Little did we know then that the decision would be made by the drawing of lots.  We anticipated that Milan would be a significant contender and that Dublin would not be capable of hosting the agency.  You can read the entire whitepaper here, without the need to submit your details, here.

2. What’s Next


We were, in 2017, the only consultancy firm to carry out a survey of industry peers to assess their thoughts on the new home of the EMA.  Again, it’s interesting to see what they said and you can do so by clicking the link here to read the entire What’s Next Acorn Regulatory whitepaper.

3. One Year On

Acorn Regulatory Brexit One Year On Whitepaper (1)

Our third Brexit whitepaper looked at the result of the referendum one year on.  Again, it was downloaded thousands of times by industry experts and was quoted extensively in international media.  You can read it here, again, with no restriction to access (it is the festive season after all!).

4. Regulatory Intelligence 1


Just ahead of the publication of the second Acorn Regulatory whitepaper entitled ‘Regulatory Intelligence’ we are looking back at possibly the most downloaded piece from the entire twelve months.  This e-book is full of expert advice from our team at Acorn Regulatory. Read it here.

5. Regulatory Intelligence: Pharmacovigilance


We have, as you may know, a thriving pharmacovigilance practice.  In the past year our experts have written a number of widely acclaimed articles on PV related issues.  We compiled them into the first PV specific e-book during the year and, again, it was an extremely popular download. You can read it here.

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