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Sector specialists need to stay on top of developments in the sector.  That is why we have produced another edition of our e-book series.  ‘Regulatory Intelligence 2’ looks at a number of the critical issues in today’s regulatory sector. You can sign up to receive an advance copy of the new e-book by signing up here. 

What Is ‘Regulatory Intelligence 2’ About?

The e-book looks at developments that will impact all life science companies, regulatory strategy and more and it looks at the main issues affecting specialists in the sector.  Each subject is covered concisely by a member of our specialist team.  The Acorn Regulatory consulting team work with clients around the world on myriad issues and they consistently write about the issues that they encounter on this site and in our regular series of e-books.

How Can I Receive ‘Regulatory Intelligence 2’?

Simply complete your details below and we will send you a PDF of the e-book as soon as it is released (anticipated release date is March 14th 2018).  Don’t forget to subscribe to our monthly newsletter when you are completing the form below.  Our newsletter is packed with relevant regulatory news each month.

‘Regulatory Intelligence 2’ is just one of a number of publications created by Acorn Regulatory.  You can read and download more of them by clicking here.  We have created a number of topic specific publications and all of them are available on this site.