SWOT Analysis of the Amsterdam Bid for the European Medicines Agency

Amsterdam is surely one of the leading cities competing to host the European Medicines Agency. According to Dutch news sources, the bid team are working hard to ensure that the city can host EMA staff and families by working to increase the availability of suitable housing and international school places.

The Netherlands has a dynamic life sciences sector with over €37 billion in exports from the sector every year (€12bn pharmaceutical and €25bn medical device).  The sector is currently experiencing healthy growth and is welcoming an influx of new foreign direct investment.

Amsterdam itself offers much to the European Medicines Agency and its soon to be relocated staff. It is relatively centrally located to two of the biggest healthcare markets in Europe: France and Germany and is in close proximity to the soon to be leaving United Kingdom.  In that sense, its positioning places it at a serious advantage over more remote competing states.

The bid committee, led by former Finance Minister Wouter Bos, intends to locate the agency in the middle of the Amsterdam business district in a purpose built office block, if successful. Furthermore, the committee is committing additional resources to the MEB to enable them to cope with the additional workload that might accrue should the agency relocate to the Dutch city.

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The video accompanying the Dutch bid has attracted some coverage for its tongue in cheek referencing of fish & chips and much more.  You can see it below:

In essence, Amsterdam is a serious contender to host the agency.  Its location coupled with issues such as the strength of positive feeling towards the European ‘project, position it well within the competition.

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