Do You Want Work Flexibility & Career Progression? Join Us!

In this blog, Brian Cleary looks at the growth of Acorn Regulatory, our approach to work flexibility and highlights the new roles that are available within the company.

Work Flexibility - Acorn RegulatoryYou have probably noticed that (yet again!) we are growing our team.  Well, yes we are!  The last few years’ have been a tremendously positive time for our company and we have grown significantly.  As part of that growth we have welcomed many new colleagues to the company.  Now, we are actively recruiting again to bring a number of specialists into the company.

So, what is life like at Acorn Regulatory?

Firstly, we are a very flexible employer.  That is what attracts many people to our company.  We are aware that working life is part of a greater construct and, as a result, we facilitate a wide variety of working arrangements for our staff members.  We facilitate home working, remote working, part-time, full-time and other arrangements.  Every member of staff can avail of flexi-time and our IT systems enable people to work from absolutely anywhere, while still remaining connected to their colleagues.  We wrote about this in a previous blog that you can read here and here.

We are also an award winning and award shortlisted company that likes to facilitate staff development through consistent training and mentoring. In 2019 we were shortlisted for the national CSR Awards for our approach to work flexibility and creating a workplace that enables people to juggle the vagaries of life with professional development.

Here are just some of the roles that we are recruiting for right now.  You can apply for these roles by clicking on the role that interests you.  Even if you don’t see something that is of interest, we are still interested in having a chat with you.  Contact me by email: to start a conversation about how Acorn Regulatory might be the ideal platform for you to develop your career.

    About the Author:
    Brian Cleary
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Brian is Chief Marketing Officer at Acorn Regulatory. He works with our growing team to highlight some of the most important issues in regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance. Brian also manages HR and recruitment issues for the company. You can read other articles by Brian by clicking the link below.
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