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Brexit continues to occupy the thoughts of professionals in the regulatory and in the wider life sciences sector.  The UK’s path to the exit has been fraught with difficulty.  Now, as the UK enters into its final months as an EU member state, we want to keep you informed of the Brexit issues that relate to the regulatory and life science sectors.We are creating a limited run series Brexit newsletter that will aim to inform professionals in the regulatory and wider life sciences sector.  Each month, between September 2018 and March 2019, we will analyse the impact of Brexit on the sector.You can subscribe to this limited run newsletter below.
What Can You Expect?  Between September 2018 and March 2019 we will send you a digest of news and opinion pieces that will look at the implications of Brexit upon the life sciences sector.  We will also include ‘The Reading List’ of recommended articles from other sources.  This list will be carefully chosen by our expert staff and will highlight some of the best writing on the Brexit issue.Subscribe to the Brexit newsletter and a comprehensive briefing on what is happening and how it will impact you, straight to your inbox every month until March 2019.