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How To Improve The Readability of Package Leaflets

What changes could be made to the readability of package leaflets to make them more accessible for patients?  Eileen Shortiss,… Read more

Medicinal Product Labelling: What You Need To Know

Every day we are presented with many different types of labels; from the laundry instructions included on clothing labels to… Read more

Advice on Supporting 1.3.4

Advice On Supporting Module 1.3.4 Of A Medicinal Product Application

Senior Regulatory Affairs Advisor, Eileen Shortiss, gives advice on supporting Module 1.3.4  of a medicinal product application.  This is the… Read more

Package Information Leaflets: An Overview

Acorn Regulatory’s consultants are package information leaflet experts.  We have a team dedicated to the creation and testing of package… Read more

Can Improvements Be Made To The Readability of Package Leaflets?

We look at the possible changes that could be made to package leaflets to improve their comprehension and readability.

Product Information Text_ Formats Suitable For Blind & Partially Sighted - Acorn Regulatory

Product Information Text: Formats Suitable For Blind & Partially Sighted

Braille is an internationally recognised reading and writing system used by blind and partially sighted people. The braille alphabet consists… Read more

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