Package Information Leaflets: An Overview

Acorn Regulatory’s consultants are package information leaflet experts.  We have a team dedicated to the creation and testing of package information leaflets.  Members of our team have written extensively on this website and in other industry publications about the issues associated with package information leaflets and much more.  Below we have highlighted just five articles that our team members have written on the subject in recent times.

1. Can Improvements Be Made To The Readability of Package Leaflets?

In this article we look at the possible changes that could be made to package leaflets to improve their comprehension and readability. Read more here.

2. Bridging Reports: An Overview

In our second piece in a series about package leaflets, we look at consultations with target patient groups and, in particular, bridging reports.

3. Package Leaflets – An Overview

What role do target patient groups have in the creation of a package leaflet?  We look at the issue and the directives concerning package leaflets in our blog. Read more here.

4. Product Information Text: Formats Suitable For Blind & Partially Sighted

Braille is an internationally recognised reading and writing system used by blind and partially sighted people. The braille alphabet consists of various arrangements of raised dots that make up each character. In accordance with European legislation, braille is required to be expressed on pharmaceutical packaging. Read more here.

5. An Overview of Medicinal Product Labelling

Every day we are presented with many different types of labels; from the laundry instructions included on clothing labels to nutritional information on food and drink packaging, labels are all around us. So what do these different types of label have in common?  They all aim to provide us with information about the associated product. Read more here.

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Eileen Shortiss
Senior Regulatory Affairs Advisor - Pharmacovigilance
Eileen Shortiss joined Acorn Regulatory in 2006. During her time with Acorn Regulatory, Eileen has worked on a vast array of projects for clients all over the world. Eileen is extensively involved with pharmacovigilance KPIs and driving continuous improvement measures across the department. Furthermore, she has considerable expertise and experience in the area of patient information leaflets. You can read other articles by Eileen Shortiss by clicking the link below.
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