Industry News Roundup: November

This month in our news roundup we are looking at Wholesale Distribution Authorisation (WDA), President-Elect Trump, awards and more.

1. Hail to the Chief? Trump & The Life Sciences Sector

Where else can we start but with the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America.  His ‘non-traditional’ campaign incentivised a cohort that previously had been left feeling adrift by the traditional body politic.  Just like the 2000 election that saw George W. Bush prevail over Al Gore, the ultimate victor did not win the popular vote.  We are recomending that you read our whitepaper on what the life sciences sector can expect from a Trump presidency.Acorn Regulatory Affairs News Whitepaper Donald Trump

2. Five Steps To Obtain A Wholesale Distribution Authorisation

The issue of Wholesale Distribution Authorisations is one that we deal with every single day.  In fact, we have a team that focuses on delivering WDA’s for clients.  Acorn Regulatory’s Lianne Moloney has created a quick 5 step guide that will give you an overview of how to obtain a Wholesale Distribution Authorisation for your company.

3. Advertising of Medicinal Products – An Overview

In Ireland, the IPHA code is studied in detail by companies to ensure adherence to legislation surrounding advertising of medicinal products.  Earlier this year one company was issued with a public reprimand for breaching the above mentioned code.  Our Senior Regulatory Affairs Advisor John McIntyre looks at the issues surrounding the advertising of medicinal products.

4. Heading for the Exit -Brexit Whitepaper

EMABrexit hasn’t gone away you know!  Amidst the surprise and astonishment of the US Presidential Election result it seems that Brexit has, for a few days at least, faded into the background.  In reality it hasn’t.  Our team has been keeping up to date on all issues related to Brexit and the life sciences sector by attending numerous briefings hosted by the industry bodies and government groups.  The most recent Brexit ‘controversy’ of the ruling that the UK government could not use the royal prerogative to bypass the Houses of Parliament coupled with the agitation on exity related issues from the governments and assemblies in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales means that the path to depart is still somewhat uncertain and complicated.  We have produced our second whitepaper on the subject.  This time we have focused on the location of the EMA, the skill shortage issue and the post Brexit PV world.  You can read it here.

5. Acorn Regulatory Managing Director Shortlisted for Business Award.

It is only good manners to finish on a positive note.  So, join us in wishing our Managing Director Dr Gemma Robinson the very best of luck at the Image Businesswoman of the Year awards. The awards are being held at the Double Tree Hilton on November 21st.  Gemma is shortlisted in the Digital, Science & Technology section.

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