Medical & Clinical Services

The Acorn Regulatory team is staffed by specialists with a wide variety of expertise.  Our Medical and Clinical services team, led by Dr. Danica Cvetkovic, assists companies in the management of clinical trials, medical writing and the provision of medical information services.

Medical Information Services

Our mission at Acorn Regulatory is to provide the highest quality medical information service to healthcare professionals and patients by ensuring all inquiries receive accurate and medically sound responses, whilst meeting regulatory and legal requirements.

Our team of experienced experts dedicated to patient safety and customer service, Acorn Regulatory can offer a flexible Medical Information service, tailored to your specific requirements.

Clinical Trial Services

Our mission is to facilitate clinical research by providing our customers with cost-effective advice, conduct, and reporting of clinical trials. In addition to routine processing of individual case safety reports, we provide a comprehensive medical review of cases from your trials that meet with good pharmacovigilance practice standards and regulators’ expectations. We can assist in the compilation and preparation of your reports to trial investigators, Ethics Committees, and regulatory authorities.

Medical Writing Services

Our Medical writing team works closely with key operational departments including Pharmacovigilance, Medical Devices, and Regulatory team to access a fully integrated network of information.

We offer a complete writing service spanning from individual documents to extensive medical writing programs (writing of study protocols and protocol amendments, clinical study reports, clinical trial applications, investigator brochures, promotional and educational material, CER reports and supporting pharmacovigilance in the preparation of RMPs and signal detection reports).

Our medical writers have the therapeutic expertise and knowledge to deliver quality materials according to your specifications.

We Can Help

Contact us if you would like to have an initial conversation about how the  Acorn Regulatory  Medical & Clinical Services team can assist you with medical writing, clinical trials or medical information services.  Call us on 00353 52 61 76 706 or complete the form below.