2018’s Most Read Brexit Articles from Acorn Regulatory

Brexit negotiations and machinations have dominated the news headlines for the past 12 months.  The strong negotiating stance of the EU has been contrasted by the difficulties besetting the UK government as they sought to find a form of Brexit that was agreeable to all sides within  the Conservative Party.  Again this year, Acorn Regulatory has produced a large number of well received whitepapers, articles and blogs on the issue of Brexit.  Here are 5 of the most widely read for you to read.

‘Is Time Running Out?’ – The Sixth Acorn Regulatory Brexit Whitepaper

The course of Brexit has been filled with dramatic twists and unexpected happenings. The resignations of Boris Johnson, David Davis, Suella Braverman and Steve Baker have thrown the UK’s plans into disarray.  While many of us did expect the Irish border issue to be one of some complexity, there was no expectation that it might derail the entire negotiations, as it almost did, in December 2017. Likewise, who would have thought that the decision on the new host city for the European Medicines Agency would have been decided by the drawing of lots?  Read the whitepaper and download it here.

Brexit and MAH Responsibilities – 5 Critical Points To Consider

The spectre of a ‘no deal’ Brexit looms large in the minds of life science professionals.  What impact will this have for the Marketing Authorisation Holders?  In this blog, John Mc Intyre looks at some of the key areas that will affect Marketing Authorisation Holders when Brexit becomes a reality on 30 March 2019. Read more here.

How Will Brexit Impact Your Company?
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Brexit: The Need to Consider the Implications for the Patient

In this blog Brian Cleary looks at how different sides in the Brexit debate are not focusing on the needs of the patient when considering the future trading relationship between the UK and the EU. Read more here.

Clinical Trials and Brexit

The UK, as everybody at this stage knows, has decided to leave the EU and with that they have begun to make pronouncements on how they, the UK government, see their relationship with the EU post Brexit.  The UK government, as it currently stands, does not wish to remain a member of the single market or the customs union.  Departing both mechanisms was a long held wish of many of the most ardent Brexiteers.  However, the events surrounding the Brexit negotiations in December 2017 will have muddied the waters somewhat. In an attempt to address the thorny issue of a border between Northern Ireland (soon to be outside the EU) and the Republic of Ireland (continuing to remain a member of the EU), the UK government had to commit to a level of regulatory alignment between both territories. Read more here.

These are the most read Brexit article and are just a small number of the numerous articles that our team have written on the issue of Brexit in the last twelve months.  You can stay up to date with Brexit related issue on the Acorn Regulatory website by clicking here.