NTK: Need To Know- 5 Brexit Articles You Must Read

We produce a wide variety of thought leadership Brexit articles on our site and in publications each year.  Here are just 5 Brexit articles that you might have missed and that you should read.

Brexit – Moving A Marketing Authorisation

The UK’s decision to leave the EU will cause considerable upheaval for holders of marketing authorisations.  As the recognised Brexit experts in the regulatory affairs sector we have some advice and a number of articles to help companies that are now seeking further information about moving a marketing authorisation as a result of Brexit. Read more here.


10 Responsibilities of an EU Authorised Representative

The responsibilities and role of the EU Authorised Representative (or EC Rep) is now in the spotlight as a result of the UK’s decision to leave the EU.  Many companies have previously chosen EU Authorised Representatives from the UK and, as a result of the referendum, will now need to choose a new representative within the EU. In this blog post we will look at the 10 of the main responsibilities of an EU Authorised Representative. Read more here.


The Future of the European Medicines Agency

It could be argued that the European Medicines Agency is a bell weather for the plight of the Brexit negotiations. The Canary Wharf based agency is at the centre of much wooing from EU member states while the UK does its best to hold on to the regulator. Read more here.


The Implications of Brexit for the Life Sciences Sector

The implications of Brexit are still being felt.  Politically, the decision has triggered a chain of events that none of us could have ever foreseen.  Now, with a new Prime Minister in Downing Street and three leading ‘Brexiteers’ appointed to offices of state that are critical to the delivery of the wishes of the majority of voters, we are certain that “Brexit Means Brexit”. Read more here.


Implications of Brexit for the Medical Device Sector

In this extract from our first Brexit whitepaper we look at the implications of Brexit for the medical device sector. Read more here.


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