Industry News Roundup: October

In between constantly managing regulatory affairs submissions for our clients and dealing with some of the most dynamic healthcare companies around the world, our team has picked 5 of the top stories from the last thirty days.

Amidst a business landscape of takeover, mergers and job announcements, there have been many stories that have caught the attention of Acorn Regulatory staff.  Here are our top 5.

1. Ireland to Bid for EMA

Health Minister Simon Harris confirmed at the BioPharma Ambition conference that the Irish government are about to launch a bid to bring the EMA to Dublin.  Read more about the Irish bid and the conference by clicking the link.

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2. FDA Becoming More Efficient

The FDA seems to be proactively working on its customer relationship skills at the moment.  Last month we reported on their move to decrease medical device registration fees.  We have also reported on their engagement with their Canadian counterparts to streamline the registration process.  Now, they are in the news, in influential political journal ‘The Hill’ contending that their endeavours in ‘right to try’ cases are now more efficient than ever.  Read Peter Lurie from the FDA’s opinion piece here.


3. Microsoft Develops AI to Help Cancer Doctors Find the Right Treatments

More and more technology companies are moving into the healthcare sector.  Google have long been involved in the healthcare R&D space, as has IBM.  Now, Microsoft are working with specialists to utilise Ai to ingest medical journals and research documents along with patient files to determine the best treatments.  Bloomberg Technology are covering this fascinating story.


4. A Story That’s Not A Story!

Intrigued? The annual RAPS regulatory affairs conference has been held in recent weeks.  During the course of the week there were many fascinating regulatory affairs specific presentations that were of huge interest to our staff.  Our fourth ‘story’ this month brings together all of the RAPS related tweets for you to enable you to get a flavour of what happened at the conference.


5. Where Do I Start in Regulatory Affairs?

One of the most clicked on stories on our website in recent weeks has been our overview of the training courses for regulatory affairs professionals (and aspiring professionals) in Ireland.  We are currently actively engaging with a number of Irish academic institutions to help raise awareness of regulatory affairs as a career choice and to see the introduction of third level qualifications specific to our sector.  You can read more from the blog here.