‘Regulatory Intelligence 4’ Available To Download Now

The latest edition of Acorn Regulatory’s Regulatory Intelligence is available to download now.  In this edition you can read some of the best writing on regulatory issues by our team of experts.

‘Regulatory Intelligence 4’ features a range of articles from Acorn Regulatory experts.  They look at issues such as product information leaflets and how they might be improved to benefit the patient and the issues that might arise for the life science sector from the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are also explored in a comprehensive article by Acorn Regulatory’s Mandy Cashman.  Furthermore, issues relating to clinical trials and other topics are also covered.

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The Acorn Regulatory whitepapers have been downloaded thousands of times by C-Suite executives and regulatory professionals all over the world.  Our expert team has written on a diverse range of industry related issues.  Topics explored in the whitepapers have subsequently been discussed on numerous media outlets by our team members including 24 hour news channels, leading websites like Politico, national newspapers and industry journals.

Why not take the time to download one or more of these whitepapers today?

You can visit our publications page to see all of our publications here.  We have also highlighted below a number of our well received publications and you can click the links in the headline or the accompanying paragraph to take you to the download page for the e-book or whitepaper.

1. Brexit: One Year On – The 5th Acorn Regulatory Whitepaper

Brexit: One Year On is the 5th Acorn Regulatory whitepaper.  In this edition we look at some of the most pressing issues for regulatory specialists such as the changes to marketing authorisations, the need to move EU Authorised Representatives and more.

One year on from the UK’s decision to leave the European Union the negotiations have begun. The life sciences sector is, perhaps, one of the sectors that will be most impacted by the result of the referendum and many companies are setting plans in place to deal with a new regulatory landscape. Read it here.

2. Download ‘Regulatory Intelligence Issue 2 – Our Latest E-Book

Sector specialists need to stay on top of developments in the sector.  That is why we have produced another edition of our e-book series.  ‘Regulatory Intelligence 2’ looks at a number of the critical issues in today’s regulatory sector. Download it here.

3. Download ‘Regulatory Intelligence 1

Our team of regulatory affairs experts are regarded as the thought leaders in the sector.  They have worked on some of the most challenging and ground breaking regulatory projects in modern times.  They regularly write for specialist periodicals and speak at industry events.  In this, the first edition of ‘Regulatory Intelligence’ we have asked them to write brief pieces on topical issues for the life sciences sector. Read the first edition of ‘Regulatory Intelligence’ here.

4. Download: WDA Whitepaper – 5 Steps To Obtaining A Wholesale Distribution Authorisation

The WDA process is complex.  Indeed, many companies turn to us to manage the application process on their behalf. In our updated WDA whitepaper, 5 Steps To Obtaining A Wholesale Distribution Authorisation, we have highlighted 5 steps that companies must undertake if they want to secure a Wholesale Distribution Authorisation licence. Read it here.

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