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One year on, we will look at the changes that will be faced by EU Authorised Representatives.  many, if not most, of the EU Authorised Representatives for non EU manufacturers are based in the UK.  This will need to change post March 2019 and most companies are making moves now to ensure continuity into a post Brexit landscape.  Furthermore, Marketing Authorisation holders (or MAH’s) will need to consider carefully how they will manage their products.  A failure to do so will result in an interruption to supply and a potentially lengthy delay in getting products back on to the market.

Acorn Regulatory has reported extensively on the issues that will impact on the life sciences sector once the UK leaves the EU.  You can click here to read some of our widely acclaimed whitepapers on Brexit as well as read some of our recent blogs and expert analysis pieces on the implications on the sector one year on from the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.