The Brexit Reading List: Issue One

There is no denying that the issue of Brexit has garnered significant amounts of newspaper column inches and a phenomenal amount of space online.  It is a difficult task to keep up to date with what is happening and to ensure that you get the most informed and objective information.  that is why, with our Brexit newsletter, we have created a list of articles (The Brexit Reading List!) that we believe are worth reading.

This month (September 2019) we are looking at the final stages of the negotiations (or so, Tony Connelly from RTE thinks), how a soft Brexit might not be the best option, how British voters thoughts have changed on actually leaving the EU and more.

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1. Brexit: Entering the final phase – RTE

“There was a breathless flurry in the British press this week about a breakthrough on Brexit.

The markets joined in, with sterling spiking to a three-month high against the dollar following remarks by Michel Barnier about an “unprecedented” trade and future relationship deal with the UK.

Pulses also spiked when it was reported that Emmanuel Macron would tell EU leaders in Salzburg next month that they should do a favourable deal with the UK on Brexit”.  Read more from Tony Connelly’s Brexit blog here.

2. This poll shows support for Brexit is collapsing – Business Insider

“Voters would back remaining in the EU by an 8-point margin in a new Brexit referendum, according to new polling.

The study, led by polling guru Professor John Curtice, found that 54% of voters would back remaining in a fresh vote, compared to 46% who would vote to leave.

It also found that younger voters would be most likely to swing a new vote in favour of Remain. Only 70% of those aged less than 40 who voted Leave say they would do so again, while no less than 89% of Leave supporters aged 60 and above say the same”.  Read more from Business Insider here.

3. Greater Manchester Mayor backs second Brexit vote – but warns of social unrest -The Guardian

“Andy Burnham, the mayor of Greater Manchester, has given qualified backing to a second referendum on Brexit while warning it risks sparking unrest on the streets of the city.

Speaking before a speech in Westminster, Burnham called for the Brexit process to be postponed because the chances of crashing out of the European Union without a deal were so high”.  Read more from The Guardian here.

4. Brexit: what future for Erasmus students?

“It gives students the chance to study and gain experience abroad. But, if Brexit Britain crashes out of the EU without a deal, the Erasmus plus programme could be over in the UK.

In Brussels, students at the ULB university are still applying to head across the water – for now”. Read more from Euronews here.

5. Sterling is so volatile thanks to Brexit that it could slump or surge higher, expert warns – CNBC

“The potential implications of Brexit are extremely complex and sterling could move in a much more binary path in the next few months, Jane Foley, a foreign exchange strategist at Rabobank, told CNBC’s “Street Signs” Wednesday.

“If you see the pound against the euro over the last few months then you see a deteriorating position for the pound,” Foley said, adding that everybody is disappointed there hasn’t been much progress over Brexit and “what we have seen in sterling is this concern that there is only few months left”. Read more from CNBC here.

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