TOPRA Ireland Event Attended by Acorn Regulatory


Acorn Regulatory team members were among a small invited group to attend the first TOPRA Ireland site tour event that was held at the Sanofi Genzyme plant in Waterford, Ireland earlier today (November 23rd 2017).

The group of almost 25 regulatory specialists spent the afternoon undertaking a tour of the 37 acre site and listening to a number of Sanofi Genzyme regulatory specialists outline how regulatory functions are managed at the site.  Sanofi Genzyme produces pharmaceutical products in the rare inherited disorders, kidney disease, cancer and other spaces.  The site was established in 2001 and became part of Sanofi’s large European network of manufacturing plants in 2011.

TOPRA Ireland event attendees at the Sanofi Genzyme site

TOPRA Ireland event attendees at the Sanofi Genzyme site

During the course of the afternoon’s event the attendees toured the extensive QC laboratory facility, a number of the new product manufacturing sites and attended a presentation looking at the Sanofi global regulatory structure.  The event ended with a lengthy discussion between delegates of the issues that they are facing in the regulatory sphere.  There was also ample time for networking among the attendees of the event.


Acorn Regulatory Chief Marketing Officer Brian Cleary is the Chair of the TOPRA Ireland group and he thanked the hosts for the site tour and presentations.  “Events such as this are very valuable to TOPRA in Ireland group members.  Firstly, they give us an opportunity to see how a world class company manages their regulatory function and there is always much that we can learn from visits such as this.  Also, these events are an opportunity to share information with each other and for members to get to know other regulatory specialists.  In those conversations we often find that there is a tremendous exchange of helpful information that better enable regulatory specialists to carry out their work.  I would like to thank the site team and Fiona Murray for the invitation to visit the site and for their hospitality on the day”.

This was one of many events organised throughout the year for regulatory professionals.  TOPRA is an international membership organisation for specialists in regulatory affairs and the TOPRA Ireland group is a vibrant community that meets regularly to learn and develop their skills.

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