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The WDA process is complex.  Indeed, many companies turn to us to manage the application process on their behalf. In our Wholesale Distribution Authorisation Whitepaper, 5 Steps To Obtaining A Wholesale Distribution Authorisation, we have highlighted 5 steps that companies must undertake if they want to secure a Wholesale Distribution Authorisation licence.

Our Wholesale Distribution Authorisation team works in the area day-in and day-out with companies from all over the world.  They ensure that the client secures their Wholesale Distribution Authorisation in a timely and cost effective manner.

In this document we look at the 5 Steps To obtaining a Wholesale Distribution Authorisation for your company.

The document, written by Acorn Regulatory WDA specialist Lianne Moloney looks at:

a. Defining the supply chain

b. Implementing a Quality Management System

c. The role of the RP

d. Submitting the Wholesale Distribution Authorisation application

e. The HPRA inspection (or inspection by a similar body such as the MHRA)

In short,  a WDA is required in order to conduct wholesale activities of medicinal products. Our team will provide the required support, knowledge, experience and tools to ensure your organisation secures a WDA from the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA). Read more about our WDA services here.

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