About us

Since 2002, Acorn Regulatory has been synonymous with success.  We have never received a rejection from a Competent Authority.  That’s a 100% success rate!

Acorn Regulatory is headquartered in Ireland. Our team is one of the most experienced and highly regarded regulatory affairs teams in Europe. They have, over the course of their careers, worked on myriad projects for healthcare companies of all sizes.  The team continues to grow at our offices in Ireland and with our staff on client sites throughout the world.

At Acorn Regulatory, we exist to enable your growth.  Guiding you through the complex maze of regulations, successfully and efficiently, means one thing to us – that your life enhancing healthcare innovations are available to people who need access to them now.  We are passionately committed to delivering first time, on time, every time – because it matters. Because it means countless more lives improved. Countless more lives saved.

At Acorn Regulatory our team is your team

Our multi-disciplinary team is your team. Our clients have come to value the benefit of being able to tap into a team of over 50 highly skilled regulatory and pharmacovigilance professionals.  Since 2002, our team has successfully completed thousands of national and international assignments for start up’s as well as for the largest and best known companies in the life sciences sector.

Choosing Acorn Regulatory

We consider the relationship with our clients to be a partnership.  When you are successful then we are successful.  We can provide a customised regulatory strategy or a standardised approach.  We take pride in first assessing your needs and then providing the appropriate level of support and the solution that is necessary to produce a successful outcome for your organisation.

Acorn Regulatory was established in 2002 by Dr. Gemma Robinson who has over 20 years’ experience of working with some of the leading healthcare companies in the world.

The Acorn Regulatory team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals. We have recruited from industry and health authorities to assemble a team that can deliver for your company on every project.

Our regulatory team comprises individuals with considerable experience in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector. They each have in excess of 15 years at the highest level in the industry.

Our clinical and pharmacovigilance team has a diverse range of experiences that clients can utilise.

Senior members of the team have experience of managing clinical trials while others have significant experience of managing the pharmacovigilance and clinical departments at CRO’s.

Our medical devices team comprises a group of device specialists who have worked with some of the world’s leading device companies and national competent authorities.  They have a vast range of expertise in all types of devices.

The Acorn Regulatory quality services team leverages the expertise of specialists who have spent their careers leading quality initiatives for globally known companies and dynamic small and medium enterprises.

Acorn Regulatory is an ISO 9001 certified company.

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