Lancaster House Speech & What It Means for Life Sciences

British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Lancaster House speech was much anticipated by many sectors, including the life sciences sector in the UK and further afield.  In this brief PDF we look at the implications of her speech for the life sciences sector.

The whitepaper is a taster of our next Brexit whitepaper which is scheduled for publication in the coming weeks.

The Prime Minister, in her January 17th speech, outlined 12 key areas that will shape the UK’s approach to departing the European Union.  While many aspects of the speech had been ‘leaked’ to the media there were elements of the intended audience that were surprised to hear that the final deal with the EU will be put to a vote of both houses of the British parliament, most likely in 2019.

In the PDF white paper we look at immigration, access to research funding and free trade.

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We have also produced a brief video that looks at the likely locations for the European Medicines Agency post-Brexit.  You can watch the video below.