DEKRA Chosen As 3rd Notified Body Under MDR

DEKRA, the German based company, has been chosen by The European Commission as the third notified body to be accredited under the Medical Device Regulations (MDR).  The new regulations come into effect on May 26th 2020.

DEKRA’s accreditation to act as a notified body comes amidst considerable disquiet within the medical devices sector about the delay in accrediting new Notified Bodies and the fact that, to date, only 3 have been accredited.  DEKRA will join TÜV SÜD and BSI as the only NB’s designated and listed in The European Commission’s NANDO database (New Approach Notified and Designated Organisations ).

In recent months we have been working with several companies that have been forced to identify a new NB following the decision of LRQA to exit the Notified Body sector.  The LRQA notified customers in June 2019 that they planned to exit the sector.  Customers were then given 90 days in which to identify a replacement NB.

Orla Keane, Medical Devices Manager at Acorn Regulatory spoke about the LRQA issue and the wider problem about a lack of NB’s in the video below.

Acorn Regulatory has been assisting medical device companies in choosing a new Notified Body.  If you would like to speak to our medical device experts then please get in touch with us by contacting us on 00353 5261 76 706 or by completing the webform below.

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The implications of Brexit will, possibly, be felt most in the area of Notified Bodies.  The UK’s exit from the European Union means that UK based Notified Bodies will no longer be permitted to provide conformity assessment services and issue CE Certificates of Conformity to manufacturers.    There is no doubt that the upheaval caused by this will have an impact on the sector.  Anecdotal evidence already suggests that Notified Bodies within the remaining EU27 members states are experiencing increased demands on their services and they are unable to meet demand in as quick a time as customers would like. Read more here.

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