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Who Will Host The European Medicines Agency? We look at 5 of the main contenders in our EMA potential host cities SWOT analysis e-book.

The competition from European cities seeking to host the European Medicines Agency has been intense. Many cities were ‘straight out of the blocks’ as soon as the referendum result was announced on June 24th last year. Now, as we get closer to a decision there are a number of cities emerging as favourites.

In this whitepaper we look at five cities that are significant contenders to host the European Medicines Agency. There are, however, over twenty cities competing to host the agency.

Our SWOT analysis pieces have been covered by leading publications such as Politico and Silicon Republic as well as other media outlets throughout the EU. We will
continue to produce these brief overviews of the competing cities in the coming months as we await a decision on the new home of the European Medicines
Agency. We recommend that you keep checking our website to read the new profiles of competing cities and more articles regarding the impact that Brexit might have on the life sciences sector.

The European Medicines Agency employs almost 900 people and over 20 European cities are vying to host it in a competition that will draw to a conclusion in late 2017.  But who will host the European Medicines Agency?  Over recent months we have written a number of SWOT analysis pieces looking at the main contenders.  In this latest whitepaper you can read about what the following cities have to offer the European Medicines Agency:

  • Barcelona
  • Bonn
  • Copenhagen
  • Dublin
  • Stockholm

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