The Acorn Regulatory Brexit Guide No. 1 Revised for 2020

We published our first Brexit guide in July 2016.  Back then, we looked at the potential implications for the life sciences sector.  Now, we know much more about how Brexit will look at the moves that companies need to take to ensure that they can continue to supply their products to the UK and the EU.

Several false starts later, we are still awaiting the full departure of the UK from the EU.  Since January 31st, 2020, the UK has been outside of the EU but inside a transition period that leaves it bound by EU laws and agreements until the end of the year.  It is anticipated, at the time of writing, that the UK will sever its ties entirely on December 31st, 2020, and depart with a no-deal Brexit.  Time is running out for both parties to negotiate and sign off an agreement.  Regardless of what is agreed or not agreed, it is unlikely that such an agreement will come close to the relationship that both parties enjoyed prior to the UK’s decision to leave in 2016.

We have revised our first Brexit guide to ensure that you have the latest information.  That first guide has been downloaded thousands of times by industry specialists who are eager to understand how Brexit will impact on them.

Now, we know a lot more than we did when we wrote that first guide in early July 2016.  We have looked at the implications that the UK’s departure will have on clinical trials, devices, and marketing authorisation holders.

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