The Brexit Newsletter Explained

Our limited series monthly Brexit newsletter will look at the issue of Brexit from a regulatory perspective.  The newsletter series will run from September 2018 until the UK’s anticipated departure from the EU in March 2019.  Each edition will feature exclusive content, not available anywhere else, along with some of the best writing on the subject from our expert team and others.  Here, we are looking at what you can expect from the newsletter.

There will be a number of regular features each month (apart from December) including:

The Explainer

Each edition will feature two articles entitled ‘The Explainer’.  One of the articles will focus on regulatory related issues and how Brexit will impact upon them.  These articles will provide you with insight on how best to manage Brexit related issues.  We will look at issues such as batch release, marketing authorisations, EU Authorised Representatives for Medical Devices and much more.  The second article will look at Brexit from a wider perspective.  We will seek to explain some of the common questions regarding the negotiations and the UK’s plan to depart from the European Union.  These questions might look at the issue of the ‘Irish backstop’, how WTO rules actually work for medicinal products and devices, why the negotiations are not moving as fast as they should or other topics.  Most importantly, we want to answer your questions.  You can email us any Brexit related questions to and we will endeavour to include them in ‘The Explainer’.

Latest Brexit Regulatory News

Keeping up with all of the developments in Brexit is a full time job.  Each month we will distill the proposals, decisions and opinions into a digest so that you can stay informed of what is actually happening.


We have written several e-books and whitepapers on the Brexit issue.  Each is filled with timely and relevant news for professionals in the life sciences sector.  The Brexit newsletter will give you direct access to e-books and newsletters each month.

Relevant Articles

We are the acknowledged experts on all matters related to Brexit and the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors.  Our colleagues have presented to boards and C-suite executives around the world on this issue.  We have also presented at conferences, industry symposia and working groups on how Brexit will impact the regulatory and life science sectors.  Each month, we will feature articles that will look at the issue of Brexit and how it impacts on areas such as pharmacovigilance, clinical, supply chain and more.

The Reading List

Each month we will highlight the best writing on the issue of Brexit from external sources.  Much is written about the issue and there are a number of articles each month that we will highlight in an effort to keep you updated on what is happening.

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John Seekings
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John Seekings manages the Acorn Regulatory medical devices team. He is an experienced device expert having spent over 20 years in the sector working with companies in Ireland, the UK, Germany, Switzerland and elsewhere.
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