Brexit: One Year On – The 5th Acorn Regulatory Whitepaper

Brexit: One Year On is the 5th Acorn Regulatory whitepaper.  In this edition we look at some of the most pressing issues for regulatory specialists such as the changes to marketing authorisations, the need to move EU Authorised Representatives and more.

One year on from the UK’s decision to leave the European Union the negotiations have begun. The life sciences sector is, perhaps, one of the sectors that will be most impacted by the result of the referendum and many companies are setting plans in place to deal with a new regulatory landscape.

In the past year we have published a number of very well received whitepapers and thought leadership articles on the issue of Brexit. Our work has been acknowledged by major media organisations such as Politico and a wide range of niche publications and websites. Now that the negotiations have begun, we think that it is an appropriate time to revisit a handful of the most widely read and quoted pieces from the last twelve months. We are regarded as the industry leaders on the subject and, consequently, we are working with a large number of pharmaceutical and medical device companies on their Brexit related issues. The pieces contained herein look at issues such as marketing authorisations, EU authorised representatives and more.

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