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 Where Next for the European Medicines Agency?

In our second Brexit whitepaper, we are looking at the implications of the decision to leave on one of the most ‘mission-critical’ agencies of the EU – the European Medicines Agency. The future location of the Canary Wharf based agency is in serious doubt and the location of its new headquarters is the cause of much speculation. This whitepaper looks at how the race to secure the EMA is looking at the moment and it outlines some of the pitches being put forward by prospective hosts.cover-3

We also look at how a country already beset by a skills shortage in the life sciences sector is going to have to handle a new immigration policy that may have a significant impact on its ability to attract and retain the brightest and the best.

The whitepaper also looks at issues of importance to the pharmacovigilance sector and it asks ‘what changes can we expect to see post-2019’?.

Those topics and others are covered in our latest whitepaper.

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