‘Is Time Running Out?’ – The Sixth Acorn Regulatory Brexit Whitepaper

The course of Brexit has been filled with dramatic twists and unexpected happenings. The resignations of David Davis, Suella Braverman, Steve Baker and Boris Johnson have thrown the UK’s plans into disarray.  While many of us did expect the Irish border issue to be one of some complexity, there was no expectation that it might derail the entire negotiations, as it almost did, in December 2017. Likewise, who would have thought that the decision on the new host city for the European Medicines Agency would have been decided by the drawing of lots?

The 6th Acorn Regulatory Brexit Whitepaper looks at issues such as the predicament that the EMA faces when trying to maintain operations and move from London to Amsterdam and much more. As apparent chaos unfolds in the UK parliament on issues related to Brexit, we look at the implications for the ever more likely ‘no deal’ scenario.  Staff shortages, trade tariffs, supply chain bottlenecks and worse could befall businesses.  This whitepaper looks at the likelihoods and plans that you can put in place now to protect your business.

There still remain many unanswered questions and much uncertainty.  In the midst of all of this we try to present answers in this whitepaper to many of the most frequently asked questions regarding the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

In this whitepaper, we look at the possibility that the UK might, after all, remain part of the Customs Union or a carbon-copy of the customs union and the how that might work. We also look at the impact that the UK’s decision to leave will have on clinical trials and the part that the UK plays in the wider European clinical trials network.

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Gemma Robinson, PhD
Managing Director
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