The Implications of Brexit on the Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices & Clinical Trials Sectors

Acorn Regulatory has published a whitepaper looking at the potential implications of Brexit on a number of healthcare sectors.  The document looks at the impact of the UK’s decision to leave the EU on institutions such as the EMA.  It also focuses on the EU’s Medical Device Directive and the regulations surrounding clinical trials.

The Implications of Brexit on the Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices & Clinical Trials Sectors whitepaper cover

Speaking at the launch of the document, Managing Director of Acorn Regulatory Dr. Gemma Robinson said “There is now great uncertainty for the industry sectors that we cover.  Questions about appropriate regulatory strategies, potential differences in regulatory frameworks, the relocation of the European Medicines Agency, loss of a powerful national competent authority all hang in doubt.  This briefing document aims to throw light on what Acorn Regulatory sectoral experts know now and what they believe will happen”.

This is the first document in a series of whitepapers on the ‘Brexit’ issue.

Read the whitepaper on the implications of Brexit by completing the details below:

Since the publication of this first Acorn Regulatory Brexit whitepaper, we have continued to publish further whitepaper.  You can download and read them by clicking the links below.

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About the Author
Gemma Robinson, PhD
Managing Director
As Managing Director of Acorn Regulatory, Gemma Robinson is actively involved on client projects on a day to day basis and she leads a team of respected pharmaceutical, medical device, pharmacovigilance and clinical trial experts.  Gemma is also an active contributor to developing and promoting standards in the regulatory affairs profession and she has worked with a number of academic and not for profit organisations to encourage individuals to pursue a career in regulatory affairs and the broader STEM subjects. You can read more articles by Gemma by clicking the link below.
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